Definition of web chat in US English:

web chat


  • An online exchange of messages in real time.

    ‘she will take part in a live web chat’
    • ‘We're sure this webchat is just a happy coincidence, rather than a marketing arrangement.’
    • ‘The website features information about those shortlisted to win the award for contemporary fiction and hosts web chats with featured authors.’
    • ‘The president will host a live web chat with supporters in Iowa on Tuesday night as the caucuses are unfolding.’
    • ‘During the web chat, a fan asked why the group's tour of Singapore had been cancelled.’
    • ‘He took part in a Webchat at the end of his visit.’
    • ‘You can read a full transcript of the web chat by pressing the replay icon below.’
    • ‘Earlier this month, the glamour model was criticised for plugging her hair extension products in a webchat with fans.’
    • ‘The film critic, writer, and author will be answering your questions during a live webchat on Friday lunchtime.’
    • ‘In his web chat today he repeatedly refers to the "millions" he speaks for.’
    • ‘The four-time Olympian will be taking part in a live webchat this coming Monday to discuss his success in and out of the pool.’
    • ‘Her campaign team did not immediately reveal how many people participated in the Web chat.’
    • ‘Sensitive personal information is often shared among close friends via Web chat clients.’
    • ‘He will be answering questions in a webchat at 9 am BST.’