Definition of weatherize in US English:


(British weatherise)


[with object]US
  • Make (a house or other building) resistant to cold weather by adding insulation, storm windows, etc.

    ‘the average family could save $350 on their energy bills by weatherizing their home’
    • ‘Second thing he says, he wants to weatherize 1 million U. S. homes.’
    • ‘Read here for more weatherizing tips.’
    • ‘Most weatherizing tasks are simple enough not to require permits.’
    • ‘The most important work that we have to do is to weatherize and solarize America.’
    • ‘You let a federal contractor fix a bridge to repair a road, to weatherize a school, you're going to create some jobs.’
    • ‘Many will arrange to have an expert come to your home to point out areas that need to be insulated or weatherized.’
    • ‘One area where we are seeing slight job creation is weatherizing homes, making them more energy efficient.’
    • ‘Upgrading or Repairing Other Building Components: There are other home weatherizing and sealing measures to complete before you undertake any insulation project.’
    • ‘We're providing grants to states to help weatherize hundreds of thousands of homes, which will save the families that benefit about $350 each year.’
    • ‘We are going to provide additional tax subsidies for people to weatherize their homes.’
    • ‘And it will save working families hundreds of dollars on their energy bills by weatherizing two million homes.’
    • ‘Both models use the same basic tube assembly and have been weatherized to be used outdoors.’
    • ‘It proposes that we weatherize homes all across the country.’
    • ‘That can be as simple as insulating pipes and ducts, caulking doors and windows and otherwise weatherizing our homes to avoid heating our attics and the outdoors.’
    • ‘A few billion of that new economic rescue plan will go to weatherize one million homes a year.’
    • ‘Demanding good laws and technological advances can be as important as weatherizing the house.’
    • ‘Look, I'm all for people saving money and weatherizing their homes.’
    • ‘According to the environmental group, the Natural Resources Defense Council, spending about $3 billion on home weatherizing would create 50,000 jobs at a cost of $60,000 each.’
    • ‘After completing the program he landed a job with local contractor Brotherhood Way weatherizing homes and building new ones.’
    • ‘They can now start retro fitting homes and weatherizing roofs and putting up solar panels.’