Definition of weariness in English:



  • 1Extreme tiredness; fatigue.

    ‘he began to feel weariness’
    • ‘It was in moments like these that he felt his full age and more, the euphoria of command replaced by a lethargic weariness.’
    • ‘So with her busy schedule, my busy schedule and her general sense of weariness I told her to take an entire week off.’
    • ‘Moreover, until the Ukrainian doctors diagnosed food poisoning we thought it was just weariness, resulting from his endless tours, rallies and meetings with people.’
    • ‘I went into the office to find the offender, and saw a worried woman crumpled in a chair in the corner, wearing a look of weariness and doubt.’
    • ‘While others complain of weariness, this team are more vivacious than ever.’
    • ‘His breathing was rapid and shallow and the sorrow and weariness in his eyes were very apparent.’
    • ‘This time, I've not been sleeping from weariness.’
    • ‘However, as weariness set in, Leeds hit a late treble to finish the game.’
    • ‘Arsenal shook off their recent weariness to force Chelsea aside in this sixth-round replay.’
    • ‘Even at the end of a particularly exhausting day of training Valery can make the others forget their weariness.’
    • ‘But I was overcome with weariness, and so I went to bed.’
    • ‘Virtually worn out by the life he has led, there is a weariness in his character's every movement.’
    • ‘He ran a hand through his unkempt dark hair with undisguised weariness.’
    • ‘Excessive breathing of fumes causes headache, weariness, and irritation of the nose and throat.’
    • ‘Only her slightly erratic movements and an obvious weariness remind you that for the past 25 years she has suffered from Parkinson's disease.’
    • ‘Her voice hoarse, she conceded some weariness from the lengthy campaign, saying her decision to take off the Easter weekend had only allowed exhaustion to set in.’
    • ‘It is claimed, probably incorrectly, that in social environments yawning and weariness are due to an accumulation of carbon dioxide.’
    • ‘My weariness was exacerbated by the cold chill of the air conditioning and the low lighting of the hotel room.’
    • ‘Rogers, Henderson and Nattiel all were in on that play and, by that point in the game, were fighting weariness.’
    • ‘All her weariness left her, all her sadness and bitterness were gone, sorrow was far behind her.’
    tiredness, fatigue, exhaustion, prostration, overtiredness, collapse
    jet lag
    sleepiness, drowsiness, somnolence, doziness
    lethargy, lassitude, languor, languidness, debility, enervation, listlessness, sluggishness, lifelessness, torpor, inertia
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  • 2Reluctance to see or experience any more of something.

    ‘hardship at home produced war-weariness’
    • ‘Frustration and weariness permeates most of the debate about the inequality of the healthcare system, with public waiting lists topping 29,000 in December.’
    • ‘Michael Caine really nailed the world weariness of his character, and his growing sense of anger and despair was completely sold through understatement.’
    • ‘Still, we should not equate war weariness (prevalent during both wars) with lack of will or indifference.’
    • ‘My evidence is anecdotal, but I detect a growing weariness among the public with his lust for power.’
    • ‘Her lawyer confirmed her client's increasing weariness over the delays.’
    • ‘As war weariness grew and as inflation both measured and helped to produce economic disaster, the situation rapidly deteriorated.’
    • ‘The vote was a sign of weariness with rampant cronyism in government and a rapidly declining economy.’
    • ‘What is the cause of the weariness of life which sometimes takes possession of people without any assignable reason?’
    • ‘In recent years there has been both a discernible weariness with the violent impasse and a growing desire for peace among the parties to the conflict.’
    • ‘Doubtless, the PM's strategy also depends on an increasing weariness over the subject among voters.’
    • ‘There is also a growing weariness in rural communities over the impacts of the recent war.’
    • ‘I sense weariness with both liberals and conservatives who seem to disrespect others ' convictions and disregard concern for unity in the church.’
    • ‘Maybe there's some reluctance and weariness about going through all the motions we require a person to make before he can be President.’
    • ‘An immense weariness overcomes me at the very thought of politics.’
    • ‘If the vote does any good, it will be more by good luck and war weariness than good planning.’
    • ‘Analysts said the public's weariness over the reform movement was due in part to its lack of direction.’
    • ‘This was rejected out of hand by the High Command, and by the summer of 1918 disillusionment and war weariness seriously undermined the army's effectiveness.’
    • ‘On the contrary, Ionesco's personal opinion about the struggle for progress and human emancipation contains a world weariness that finds expression in almost every one of his plays.’
    • ‘Why should the prospect of another remake prompt groans and feelings of weariness?’
    • ‘He was Lord Privy Seal in 1919-21, but then resigned, owing to ill health and a general weariness of office.’