Definition of wear the trousers in US English:

wear the trousers


  • Be the dominant partner in a relationship.

    ‘there's no doubt who'll wear the trousers in that house’
    • ‘After months of fighting and bickering, Emily and Adam settled for friendship, though it was always clear that Emily was the one wearing the trousers in their relationship.’
    • ‘I wear the trousers in this relationship and I always will.’
    • ‘IT'S astonishing how many men like to pretend we wear the trousers in our relationships when, deep down, we know we don't.’
    • ‘Mother wore the trousers in our family, and I can still see her before me in her elegant dresses or painting her fingernails.’
    • ‘But my grandmother, who wore the trousers, used to tell him to shut up and stop talking rubbish, so we never got to ask him exactly how they were related.’
    • ‘We're still trying to work out who wears the trousers, even now.’
    • ‘And we all know who wears the trousers in that household.’
    • ‘The Oscar-winning star blasted reports she wears the trousers in her marriage to Chris and insisted they were equals who complement each other..’
    • ‘Is it just his feeble attempt to ensure that I know he is the boss and the one who wears the trousers?’
    • ‘Mia liked to wear the trousers in their relationship.’