Definition of wear off in US English:

wear off

phrasal verb

  • Lose effectiveness or intensity.

    • ‘Admittedly the word carries slightly more force and shock value when uttered by a member of the fairer sex but the novelty soon wears off.’
    • ‘For many bloggers, the novelty soon wears off and their persistence fades.’
    • ‘Will I be able to retain this enthusiasm for the gym or will the novelty soon wear off?’
    • ‘Then after a few months or years the effects start wearing off and some people end up wondering what on earth they ever saw in their partners in the first place.’
    • ‘So there is curiosity at first, but it soon wears off.’
    • ‘I knew the novelty would soon wear off.’
    • ‘The effect wore off quickly enough, and this time, it was Patrick who recovered first.’
    • ‘After the effectiveness of the vaccines wears off, the risk of actual infection returns.’
    • ‘You may attend a religious service once or twice, but the novelty soon wears off if you can't understand what's being said.’
    • ‘The more he kept moving the more he realized he still felt stiff so the injection's effect was wearing off.’
    • ‘They also said the effects would wear off and disappear altogether once users stopped taking oestrogen doses.’
    • ‘Finally, after an extended period, the positive effects of antidepressants can wear off.’
    • ‘Initially it was therapeutic for me to retell the story, but that soon wore off.’
    • ‘The pain began in earnest a couple of days after the accident, when the numbing effects of adrenaline wore off.’
    • ‘The effect was slowly wearing off and he'd really like to eat some real food.’
    • ‘The novelty of living in a hotel suite and surrendering your personal privacy soon wears off.’
    • ‘Even though the anaesthetic soon wore off, my lips did look slightly sore and a touch puffy - not my prettiest.’
    • ‘I went home and my anger soon wore off and I was sad about having had the argument.’
    • ‘The excitement soon wore off and they sat side by side, idly reading through magazines Alexa had bought.’
    • ‘Unfortunately, the hallucinatory effects of the food wore off all too soon.’
    fade, dwindle, diminish, lessen, decrease, wane, ebb, subside, weaken, lose intensity, lose strength, peter out, melt away, fizzle out, pall, taper off, tail off, grow faint, grow dim, evaporate, disappear, vanish, die, come to nothing, come to a halt, come to an end, run out
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