Definition of weakfish in US English:



  • A large slender-bodied marine fish living along the east coast of North America, popular as a food fish and for sport.

    Cynoscion regalis, family Sciaenidae

    Also called sea trout
    • ‘It's all about how to fly-fish for stripers, bluefish, albacore, bonito, weakfish and hickory shad.’
    • ‘At another place I very proudly served weakfish as ‘Sea Trout with Sautéed Cucumbers.’’
    • ‘The shellfish stands alongside a pair of spicy romesco-sauced toasts atop lean, flavorful weakfish and pale, delicate, almost liquid skate, along with strips of fennel and red peppers.’


Late 18th century: from obsolete Dutch weekvisch, from week ‘soft’ + visch ‘fish’.