Definition of weak interaction in US English:

weak interaction


  • Interaction at short distances between subatomic particles mediated by the weak force.

    • ‘This approach is already used to detect neutrinos, which have similarly weak interactions with matter.’
    • ‘As one goes to earlier and earlier stages in the Big Bang, for example, the nature of the electromagnetic and weak interactions changes so that they become indistinguishable at sufficiently high energies.’
    • ‘Because of its weak interaction with atomic nuclei, the neutrino travels freely through any material object and is very difficult to observe.’
    • ‘They are the electromagnetic interaction, the weak interaction and the strong interaction.’
    • ‘Physicists originally had a lot of trouble reconciling relativistic quantum field theory with the weak interaction that is responsible, for example, for what is called beta decay of neutron into proton, electron and neutrino.’
    • ‘The currently accepted and experimentally well-tested theory of electromagnetic and weak interactions is called the Standard Model.’