Definition of wayside in US English:



  • The edge of a road.

    • ‘National Park chiefs are becoming increasingly concerned over the growing number of metal boundary markers and village signs which are disappearing from waysides and village entrances.’
    • ‘A look at a mother in a sprawling Mumbai slum breastfeeding an infant while two more infants doze off awaiting their turn; kids running along the beach in gay abandon; a child in a deep sleep by the wayside on a torn blanket oblivious to the coins donated by generous passers-by... all make compelling viewing.’
    • ‘There are more bulldozers by the wayside than trees, rivers are replaced with billions of miles of ribbon like roads and trash is everywhere.’
    • ‘The fine weather has been kind to the flowers and there are some fine blooms in gardens along the wayside already.’
    • ‘They can pick way through the throngs of revellers by day to nab a bargain on one of the many stalls that line the streets, or sit by the wayside and have their fortune told.’
    • ‘I'm ashamed of the state of the litter-strewn waysides and wonder what visitors to this country must think of us.’


  • fall by the wayside

    • Fail to persist in an endeavor or undertaking.

      ‘many readers will fall by the wayside as the terminology becomes more complicated’
      • ‘I would be bitterly disappointed if the scheme fell by the wayside.’
      • ‘What about those who fall by the economic wayside?’
      • ‘Tradition also fell by the wayside when councillors nominated two members to serve as deputy mayor, causing a ballot.’
      • ‘Quite simply, I've got so much going on in my life, so much to do in so little time, that many things - such as tidying - fall by the wayside, at work and at home.’
      • ‘New Year resolutions to be fitter and healthier often fall by the wayside before January even ends.’
      • ‘It was a good idea, but it just fell by the wayside.’
      • ‘I've started a few little blogs here and there, just trying things out, but they have all fallen by the wayside, and I doubt I could even remember where they are!’
      • ‘And educationally many, for whom extra assistance is a necessity not a luxury, will fall by the wayside.’
      • ‘I have to wonder how many discoveries and ideas have fallen by the wayside for precisely this reason.’
      • ‘And while subjects such as Latin and Greek are gradually falling by the wayside, new subjects have been introduced.’
      • ‘As personal debt rises, other priorities fall by the wayside.’