Definition of wayfaring tree in US English:

wayfaring tree


  • A white-flowered Eurasian shrub which has berries at different stages of ripening (green, red, and black) occurring together, growing chiefly on calcareous soils.

    Viburnum lantana, family Caprifoliaceae

    • ‘Trees and shrubs were also planted, including hazel, oak, blackthorn, cherry and wayfaring trees.’
    • ‘Most of the trees were leafless, but I think there were three wayfaring trees forming part of the hedge.’
    • ‘It contains some maple and wayfaring trees which have not yet spread into the south boundary.’
    • ‘This results in flora including birch trees, acacias, jessamine, wayfaring trees, crocuses, snowdrops, water lilies, and several grey-leaved perennials.’
    • ‘Botanically rich, combining a mixture of maritime and quarry plants, this area is sheltered from the prevailing westerly winds allowing wild wayfaring trees to establish over much of it.’
    • ‘Select shrubs and trees that produce fruits and berries - cherries and elder for early fruits, Viburnum lantana (wayfaring tree), snowberry, holly and cotoneaster - provide a rich supply of berries in the winter.’
    • ‘Leaving the lane by a waggon track - a gipsy track through a copse - there were large bunches of pale-red berries hanging from the wayfaring trees, or wild viburnum, and green and red berries of bryony wreathed among the branches.’
    • ‘The caterpillar of this species was found to be well established on wayfaring trees there in 1962 and then again on a single tree in the 1990s.’
    • ‘A quite remarkable number of tree and shrub species can be found here, including spindle, wayfaring trees, aspen and wild service trees.’
    • ‘These will form the central structure of the woodland, sheltered by an entwined hedge of hawthorn, wild rose, hazel, dogwood, privet and wayfaring trees - providing nectar, nesting sites and berries for insects, birds and small mammals to feed on.’
    • ‘A few wayfaring trees were planted and these also occur locally on clay soil over limestone.’
    • ‘The study of the garden vegetation was carefully planned to create pleasing colours: from species of red, violet and orange bougainvilleas to veined wayfaring trees, from dwarf junipers to ever-blooming oleanders, from lentiscuses to century-old wild olive trees and so on.’
    • ‘From the beech wood (which also features yews, holly and wayfaring trees) the path joins the open plain area around the golf course, where views can be seen north and east over the vast expanse of Salisbury Plain, south east to the isolation of the Great Ridge Woods, south towards neighbouring Dorset and west into the wetlands of Somerset.’
    • ‘But in 1999, half of it was planted with 160 trees that would support wildlife: guelder roses, alder buckthorns, fieldmaples, wayfaring trees, silver birches, hazels, oaks, beeches, ashes, cherries and limes.’


wayfaring tree

/ˈweɪfɛrɪŋ ˌtri//ˈwāferiNG ˌtrē/