Definition of waxily in US English:



  • See waxy

    • ‘They also take their turn kneeling to pray amid the flowers in front of the coffin, peering at the waxily reposed figures with a mixture of curiosity and bewilderment.’
    • ‘The smoke alarm did indeed go off, and the candles were so waxily embedded in to the cakey goodness that it was well beyond eating.’
    • ‘A cooking thermometer also comes in handy; cover the probe completely with a thick layer of foil so you don't render it waxily unusable for all future purposes.’
    • ‘They were retrieved by the proprietor, a man so fat, grave and waxily mustachioed that he was easily the least appropriate person available for the task.’
    • ‘The flesh was so pale as to seem blue in the dim light, and waxily cold.’
    • ‘Dead-eyed and waxily handsome, he makes a speech about helping our brothers and sisters in Africa.’