Definition of wax palm in US English:

wax palm


  • Either of two South American palm trees from which wax is obtained.

    a carnauba

    an Andean palm with a stem coated in a mixture of resin and wax (Ceroxylon alpinum, family Palmae)

    • ‘The campaign to conserve Colombia's wax palms and the yellow-eared parrots, Ognorhynchus icterotis, that depend on them is working.’
    • ‘The wax palm is Colombia's national tree and itself a threatened species.’
    • ‘But if we don't do something, the wax palm and the yellow-eared parrot will disappear from the planet.’
    • ‘A stand of wax palms is seen near the border of a national park in the province of Huila in southern Colombia, in this May 6, 2004 file photo.’
    • ‘Valle de Cocora, Colombia, hosts the world's largest remaining colony of wax palms on Earth.’
    • ‘This particular parrot appears to nest only in wax palms and eats the tree's thumb-sized fruit ‘as we would a coconut’ he said.’
    • ‘At this point you enter the cloud forest where the wax palms grow.’
    • ‘It is currently only thought to occur among the wax palms in the cloud forests of the Colombian Andes.’
    • ‘The situation has put both the wax palm and yellow-eared parrots in peril.’
    • ‘Peasants fell the wax palms just to strip the highly prized young emerging fronds for sale to worshippers.’
    • ‘And the wax palm forests play a vital ecological role in supporting a wide range of animals and plants, and in protecting fragile slopes and watersheds.’
    • ‘A similar wax is obtained from the trunk of Ceroxylon andicola, the wax palm of the Andes.’
    • ‘Yesterday a group of us went for a great hike through some stunning cloudforest at a nearby town called Cocora to see the 40m wax palms that are unique to this area.’
    • ‘The Cuban wax palm thrives in full sun locations in tropical settings, like southern Florida.’
    • ‘Just days before Palm Sunday, the Catholic Church in western Colombia elected to support alternatives to cutting down wax palms for adorning traditional processions.’
    • ‘The wax palms grow really tall and straight but are really skinny with no branches except at the very top.’


wax palm

/ˈwaks ˌpä(l)m/