Definition of wax moth in US English:

wax moth


  • A brownish moth which lays its eggs in beehives. The caterpillars cover the combs with silken tunnels and feed on beeswax.

    Genera Galleria and Achroea, family Pyralidae: several species, in particular G. mellonella

    • ‘For example, wax moths reduce their sexual displays of wing fanning in response to increased predation risk by bats.’
    • ‘In the greater wax moth, Galleria mellonella, distinctions between mates and predators are potentially difficult to make.’
    • ‘The young were hand-reared on a mixed diet of wax moth larvae; crickets; and a mixture of ground beef heart, wheat, curd, calcium, and vitamins.’
    • ‘During early research, they used cadavers of Galleria mellonella, or greater wax moth.’
    • ‘There aren't many beekeepers who use them now as they are of a double-walled construction that is time-consuming to use and encourages wax moths.’