Definition of wavicle in US English:



  • An entity having characteristic properties of both waves and particles.

    • ‘The notion of wavicles only begins to hint at the strange realm of subatomic reality.’
    • ‘When I talk about reductionist explanations, I don't mean uniformly working our way down to the level of sub-atomic wavicles, and dismissing everything else as unreal.’
    • ‘The concept of God (if it can be called a concept) then functions in much the same way as Eddington's notorious concept (if it can be called a concept) of ‘wavicle’ in the theory of light.’
    • ‘I have read books about space and time, about Schrodingers cat, and about wavicles, Busard ram jets and all manner of fantastical contraptions to propel us at immense speed through the vast depths of space.’
    • ‘As combinations of energy wavicles become more complex, materiality manifests in more complex ways.’


1920s: blend of wave and particle.