Definition of Watusi in US English:



  • 1treated as plural The Tutsi people collectively.

  • 2An energetic dance popular in the 1960s.

    • ‘For Jerry Mitchell, who's sure to get another Tony nomination for turning the Watusi, the twist, the pony, the locomotion, the hully gully, and other '60s dance crazes into the joyous choreography of Hairspray, it was all research.’
    • ‘The B-side is said to be ‘… in the tradition of ‘dance craze’ classics like the Twist, Watusi or Peanut Duck’.’
    • ‘I once said it was like the Watusi - kind of punky and artistic and danceable all at the same time.’
    • ‘I am the master of all styles: the Mamba, the Hula, the Watusi; disco dancing, breakdancing, tap dancing, and the Hokey Pokey.’
    • ‘Before MTV, afternoon television shows like Corny Collins kept kids across the country up to speed on the newest hit records, the coolest clothes, and the hottest dances, like the Watusi and the Madison.’


[no object]
  • Dance the Watusi.

    • ‘I have just gotten back from a 4 month break from reality in which I have frolicked in New Zealand, Watusied with wallabies, dodged chicken feet in Hong Kong, and drank gallons of wine in Paris.’
    • ‘In spite of the freezing cold, crowds lined up to sample the sophisticated ambience of the club, embodied mainly in the corseted, rabbit-eared Bunnies who served drinks and Watusied in the aisles.’
    • ‘Welsh singer Tom Jones sang the theme from ‘Thunderball’ while mini-skirted dancers in white go-go boots Frugged, Twisted and Watusied around the stage.’


A local name, from the plural prefix wa- + Tutsi.