Definition of waterthrush in US English:



  • A North American warbler related to the ovenbird, having brown upper parts and streaked underparts and found near woodland streams and swamps.

    Genus Seiurus, subfamily Parulinae, family Emberizidae: two species

    • ‘Monongahela includes Cranberry Glades, where you'll find Swainson's and hermit thrushes, mourning warbler, northern waterthrush, and swamp sparrow.’
    • ‘Eroded stream banks also provide prime nesting sites for the waterthrush.’
    • ‘Pine warblers, prairies, and Louisiana waterthrushes are fairly easy to find in their respective habitats.’
    • ‘Watoga, West Virginia's largest state park, in the Allegheny highlands, attracts wetland birds such as woodcocks, wood ducks, and waterthrushes.’
    • ‘Discover the hermit thrush as you hike through shady maple and hemlock groves, or encounter bobolinks in golden hayfields and northern waterthrush in subarctic swamplands.’