Definition of waterproof in English:



  • 1Impervious to water.

    ‘a waterproof hat’
    • ‘Although it doesn't claim to be waterproof, it is highly weather resistant.’
    • ‘Indicators of consistent poverty include lack of heating, at least one day in the previous two weeks without a substantial meal, no warm waterproof overcoat or only one pair of strong shoes.’
    • ‘Therefore warm, waterproof clothing is absolutely essential, plus thermal boots.’
    • ‘They argue that pitch could not have been used to cover the ark and make it waterproof.’
    • ‘Waxed kitchen matches are good alternatives so long as they're stored in a waterproof container.’
    • ‘All they could find was a camper's waterproof match container.’
    • ‘My dad has this wax stuff you can put on normal shoes to make them waterproof.’
    • ‘Donning warm clothing, gloves and waterproof shoes, he saw the mountain horizon with snow and blue sky, the Alpine huts, trees and animals designed to create the real winter snow experience.’
    • ‘A little climb brought sight of the top end of Gouthwaite Reservoir and in no time we were sitting on a bench by its reed fringed water, gazing at the ducks, eating our sandwiches and pulling off waterproof trousers.’
    • ‘You'd think I'd know better, wouldn't you, than to look at a clear November sky and decide to leave my hat and my waterproof coat behind?’
    • ‘The association had pleaded for an increase of 5 per cent in the price of commercial plywood and 10 per cent on commercial and waterproof board and waterproof ply.’
    • ‘She slipped on waterproof shoes and a woolen hat.’
    • ‘Anybody who goes along is advised to wear sturdy footwear and to take waterproof clothing.’
    • ‘Strong waterproof footwear and protective outdoor clothing is advisable, as is a change of clothes.’
    • ‘What's more it was delivered to subscribers wrapped in a natty waterproof jacket.’
    • ‘We seldom leave home without an umbrella or some sort of waterproof clothing ‘just in case’ and take a great interest in weather forecasts since what happens plays a big part in the direction of the daily lives of many of us.’
    • ‘They must fast from midnight prior to arrival and are advised to bring warm and waterproof clothing.’
    • ‘It's also good to know the help is there as a waterproof jacket if I need it.’
    • ‘Builders stabilized the tower and added flashing to make it waterproof.’
    • ‘By ancient standards, I am hopelessly spoiled - I have warm clothes, waterproof shoes, indoor plumbing, reliable heating, a comfy bed and a thick feather duvet.’
    watertight, water-repellent, water-resistant, weatherproof
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    1. 1.1 Not liable to be washed away by water.
      ‘waterproof ink’
      • ‘Individual animals were identified by marking the tails with waterproof black ink.’
      • ‘The resin gives the line a sheen and the ink is waterproof.’
      • ‘Since ink-jet printer ink is not waterproof, is there any way I can protect my printouts?’
      • ‘This waterproof coating will not wash off, thicken in cold conditions or attract dirt like oil lubricants do.’
      • ‘Waterproof mascara is a must on the beach.’
      • ‘Whether the inks and media are waterproof and able to endure exposure to light for long periods may also be considerations for prints that are to be displayed.’
      • ‘The third tenet of beach glamour is a good waterproof mascara.’
      • ‘In a smart move he's bought in a large batch of waterproof ink.’
      • ‘The inks are waterproof, alcohol and pigment based.’
      • ‘I had foolishly not put on waterproof mascara either, not expecting to need it!’
      • ‘I pulled my hair up high and covered my eyelashes with waterproof mascara.’
      • ‘Black Velvet India Ink provides waterproof, opaque coverage, is nontoxic and is available in 4-oz., pint and quart sizes.’
      • ‘Their waterproof inks and papers also guarantee serious longevity.’
      • ‘I marked individual sap holes with waterproof ink and periodically returned to them to measure their length and width and to note sap flow and the location of adjacent holes.’
      • ‘Your water-proof mascara will run all the way down to your socks.’


  • A garment, especially a coat, that keeps out water.

    • ‘They had no map, no torch, no waterproofs and little experience.’
    • ‘I like to take a good set of waterproofs because when it rains it pours.’
    • ‘Participants in walks are advised to wear suitable footwear and to bring waterproofs.’
    • ‘The weather had been fine when we set off and I hadn't brought waterproofs.’
    • ‘For £3.50 a-week, riders will have the use of a scooter and a crash helmet, insurance, fluorescent gear and waterproofs.’
    • ‘Families planning a day out today were warned to pack waterproofs and brollies as heavy showers were forecast, although temperatures might get to 20C.’
    • ‘You can imagine the impossible situation in mid-summer trying to make our market staff wear full waterproofs on a hot day, working amongst cattle under already steamy conditions.’
    • ‘By the time you've got your waterproofs on it's sunny again.’
    • ‘I finished the journey into work feeling very cold and wet, resolving to go buy some waterproofs at lunchtime.’
    • ‘I did pop my waterproofs on for a quick trip out this morning to get a good crunchy-crusted loaf of bread and, would you believe, a pack of orange jelly.’
    • ‘On deck, she bids farewell to the other officers, who line up in their blue uniform waterproofs to bid her farewell.’
    • ‘The North York Moors are beautiful and if we'd had more time and our waterproofs with us, it would have been great to stop off along the way.’
    • ‘On their second day the group experienced mixed weather, including rain that required putting on waterproofs, during their 18-mile walk.’
    • ‘Short, stocky, bearded, wearing what appeared to be waterproofs, he sat staring out of the window at the harbour below.’
    • ‘It is very important to wear really good quality waterproofs.’
    • ‘I gave her one of my waterproofs and it lasted her for years.’
    • ‘It's only a drop of water after all, so we pulled out the waterproofs and trotted down to Taunton for a weekly taste of town just the same.’
    • ‘With the pre-match formalities over the players peel off the waterproofs and are set for action.’
    • ‘If you haven't got waterproofs with you, beware.’
    • ‘It wasn't very hot and it rained some of the time and so we had to have our waterproofs with us most of the time.’
    raincoat, anorak, mackintosh, sou'wester, oilskin, cagoule, cape
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  • Make impervious to water.

    • ‘Work includes repointing and waterproofing the tower and is expected to start shortly as the weather warms up.’
    • ‘Each cell is waterproofed by two sheets of glass angled to each other in the horizontal plane, cemented together and to the surrounding steel.’
    • ‘So each panel is waterproofed with a technique adopted from the packaging industry.’
    • ‘By waterproofing the porous concrete, he eliminates the wet surface conditions that cause mildew.’
    • ‘The bell-tower, through which water was seeping into the bricks below, had to be waterproofed in 1991.’
    • ‘Enclosed are ideas for embellishing your fabric and waterproofing it to make a beautiful raincoat.’
    • ‘This then has to be completely waterproofed on the outer surface.’
    • ‘Eliminating the longitudinal joints also does away with the labor-intensive job of waterproofing them.’
    • ‘A hole in the center of the nozzle closure is crimped around an insulated stud in the center of the initiator assembly, thus waterproofing the base of the rocket motor.’
    • ‘The group channel was put back into the sets and the operators set to work waterproofing the vehicles.’
    • ‘Knowles recommends waterproofing the blocks by troweling on two coats of stucco.’
    • ‘This week, one team has to find a way of waterproofing a tent to take on an expedition, while the other team builds a seismograph out of an old alarm clock.’
    • ‘New boots should be waterproofed, and the heels and soles sealed before they are used.’
    • ‘After the roof is waterproofed, soil is carefully placed over the roof in layers from 6 inches to 9 feet thick, depending on the strength of the underlying roof system.’
    • ‘Many kinds of vehicles were waterproofed for D-Day, including tanks and jeeps.’
    • ‘A coating of pine resin waterproofed the fir splice and his skis.’
    • ‘Likewise, the canals had to be waterproofed… for obvious reasons.’
    • ‘If directed by the architect or engineer all brickwork cleaned by sandblasting shall be waterproofed with an approved clear coating as designated by architect or engineer.’
    • ‘We waterproofed the structure with a layer of recycled floor-matting rubber that is invisible from inside and out.’
    • ‘Finished concrete basements that haven't been thoroughly waterproofed from the outside are problematic.’