Definition of watered-down in US English:



  • 1Diluted with water.

    ‘watered-down wine’
    ‘watered-down blue paint’
    • ‘They set out a plate of cold, stringy beef and a bowl of runny, watered-down soup, then left.’
    • ‘Whatever happened to walking in to your local arcade, sucking on a watered-down fountain beverage from the food court and challenging other local hoodlums to take down your high score?’
    • ‘It is more than likely a watered-down version of the original - containing as much as 40% sugar water.’
    • ‘No watered-down margaritas at this party.’
    • ‘The product was an eau de toilette - a perfume that has been watered-down so that it can be sprayed - aimed at 15- to 25-year-old girls.’
    • ‘The usual bottles of watered-down Jameson will be presented.’
    • ‘To the fur traders they were commodities who could be purchased and indentured to company stores through watered-down alcohol and cheaply made goods.’
    • ‘In the '80s, several low-cal wines flopped because they tasted watered-down.’
    • ‘You'd be served fast-food burgers, cold fries and a watered-down soft drink.’
    1. 1.1 Altered so as to be weaker in force, content, or value.
      ‘a watered-down version of the book’
      ‘the watered-down proposal has not been welcomed’
      • ‘Similarly, three years later, the government managed to win parliamentary approval for only a watered-down version of the measure abolishing religious orders.’
      • ‘It's more watered-down than our point of view, but they're reaching a lot more people.’
      • ‘Having seen the final cut, it's mind-boggling to believe that such a watered-down version was ever considered.’
      • ‘This is no watered-down ghost story thrown into theaters for teenage consumption.’
      • ‘But some believe new management will translate into a watered-down editorial focus.’
      • ‘Throwing the disc into my player I didn't quite know what to expect, perhaps a watered-down Herbie Goes Bananas knock-off, only animated.’
      • ‘The story - based on an Isak Dinesen tale but emerging as very watered-down Chekhov - concerns a noblewoman, Vanessa, who awaits the lover she hasn't seen for twenty years.’
      • ‘What's onscreen is a watered-down version of Solaris's deliciously smart sci-fi.’
      • ‘The upshot was that, although approved, the reforms were too watered-down to have any serious effect on the deficit.’
      • ‘He was turning music I grew up on into a watered-down fad, a moneymaking thing.’