Definition of watercress in US English:



  • A cress that grows in running water and whose pungent leaves are used in salad.

    Nasturtium officinale, family Brassicaceae

    • ‘Most aquatic plants prefer calm water, with the exception of watercress, which seems to prefer moving water.’
    • ‘Edible plants for your pond include watercress, water chestnuts, and arrowhead or Wapato.’
    • ‘Jobs in one of Hampshire's most distinctive industries, watercress growing, are under threat from government proposals.’
    • ‘The watercress plants would grow from seeds sprayed from the air.’
    • ‘Off the land there were mushrooms, snails in the dry-stone walls, watercress in the ditches, rock pigeon and hare - my brother had a lurcher dog called Jess.’