Definition of waterbody in US English:



  • A body of water forming a physiographical feature, for example a sea or a reservoir.

    • ‘At this point in time where most suitable trout waters have been stocked already I personally would be extremely cautious and circumspect about introducing trout or any other alien to any new or unstocked waterbody or area.’
    • ‘Extremely eutrophic waterbodies are polluted because they often cannot support a fishery, cannot be used for drinking water, and have few recreational opportunities and poor esthetics.’
    • ‘The result is that the waterbody tends to become stagnant, leading to pollution.’
    • ‘Finally, pollutants can change the nutrient balance of a waterbody, making it over-rich, a process known as eutrophication.’
    • ‘Predator and prey species co-occur in brackish waterbodies close to the Mediterranean coast of Spain.’
    • ‘Paddy has eliminated to the best of his ability, the chances of polluting adjoining waterbodies.’
    • ‘In fact, this world famous waterbody is bearing the brunt of this all-encompassing assault.’
    • ‘‘I think severe pollution of waterbodies contributes to these diseases,’ he said.’
    • ‘The Government should, therefore, take stringent steps, including enactment of law, to check reclamation of lakes and other waterbodies.’
    • ‘The waterbody, now with natural blooms, has become a major attraction.’
    • ‘Store in a compact heap at least 2 metres high, located not less than 50 metres from any waterbody, public road, domestic well or watercourse and 300 metres from any public water supply source.’
    • ‘Laws to check reclamation of lakes and waterbodies are not enough; they should be implemented.’
    • ‘But lakes and other waterbodies are fast disappearing.’
    • ‘Although it is native throughout the region, it has probably been spread to additional waterbodies by stocking programs.’
    • ‘If you trailer your boat to inland waters, you can unknowingly transport invasive species from one waterbody to another.’
    • ‘Each grid was at least 100 m from any trail, road or waterbody.’
    pool, lake, pond
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