Definition of waterboard in US English:



[with object]
  • Subject (someone) to the process of waterboarding.

    • ‘The government says he even confessed but also admits he was waterboarded.’
    • ‘He revealed no new information after being waterboarded, the article said.’
    • ‘Speaking after his release, he said he had been beaten with iron bars, given electric shocks and "waterboarded", and even now feared for his life.’
    • ‘We've seen a number of reporters having themselves waterboarded so they can describe it.’


  • The board or bench on to which a person is strapped during the process of waterboarding.

    • ‘In our limited experience, extensive use of the waterboard can introduce new risks.’
    • ‘So when Blank offered me copies of his photos of a waterboard and of a painting depicting a waterboarding session, I quickly accepted.’
    • ‘He proposed using 10 such techniques "in some sort of escalating fashion, culminating with the waterboard, though not necessarily ending with this technique."’
    • ‘Incidentally, the waterboard in these photos wasn't merely one among many torture devices highlighted at the prison museum.’
    • ‘These photos are important because most of us have never seen an actual, real-life waterboard.’