Definition of water torture in US English:

water torture


  • A form of torture in which the victim is exposed to the incessant dripping of water on the head or to the sound of dripping.

    • ‘So if you subject someone to water torture, or a mock execution, or you threaten to bury them alive, that's not torture because it doesn't leave bumps and bruises.’
    • ‘Both men experienced the managerial equivalent of Chinese water torture as unforgivable on-field ineptitude undermined their employment prospects.’
    • ‘Detained Papuans have suffered electric shocks, beatings, pistol whipping, water torture, cigarette burns, and confinement in steel containers for months on end.’
    • ‘Or will they apply the infamous Chinese water torture?’
    • ‘For their trouble, they were being subjected to sustained water torture.’
    • ‘Watching is like experiencing Chinese water torture and with the ending comes a sense of relief.’
    • ‘Such scars demonstrate the brutality of the mistreatment of the criminal suspect, although suspicions of water torture have not been verified.’
    • ‘Four hours of this stuff is like Chinese water torture.’
    • ‘Listening to their nightly twaddle for hour on end is tantamount to Chinese water torture.’
    • ‘After hours of water torture, they led Lauren back to her room, haggard and soaked.’
    • ‘Frankly, as long as it doesn't affect the taste or nutritional value, the chicken processors could subject them all to Chinese water torture such that they committed suicide and I wouldn't care.’
    • ‘Ancient torture methods such as Chinese water torture are still in use across the world.’
    • ‘This included electrical shocks, water torture, drugs and beatings.’
    • ‘These included: humiliation, sleep deprivation, restraint, water torture, religious taunting, light deprivation, and other techniques of torture that have since come to light.’
    • ‘If this fellow is being subjected to water torture, alligator clips, an so forth, it's not clear that anyone outside the government ever will find out.’
    • ‘‘Everyone is afraid to say no,’ wails one who's experienced this water torture first hand.’
    • ‘The beeping, it feels like Chinese water torture, right?’
    • ‘For no good reason I was chosen for the water torture.’
    • ‘This included electric shocks, water torture, beatings, drugs and being burnt with cigarettes.’
    • ‘Anyway, Chinese water torture couldn't make Aaron stay home and act like a functioning part of a family unit, so we gladly excused him.’