Definition of water strider in US English:

water strider


North American
  • A slender predatory bug that moves quickly across the surface film of water, using its front legs for catching prey.

    Family Gerridae, suborder Heteroptera: Gerris and other genera

    Also called pond skater or water cricket
    • ‘Scientists soon realized that the water strider's hydrophobic legs and undersides, coupled with its small size (typical length is about one centimeter / 0.4 inch), are what keep it from drowning.’
    • ‘She taught them to eat mushed-up fish, and then wild strawberries and water striders.’
    • ‘Neither above nor below the water, two or three dozen water striders worked an old miracle.’
    • ‘One summer day, I spent several idle moments beside a still, shallow creek near my home, trying to goad the water striders there into flying.’
    • ‘Watch a water strider skitter about in staccato bursts, its middle pair of legs doing the rowing and the hind legs steering, its short forelegs ready for catching prey.’
    • ‘Thus began a sequence of steps that motivated the children to spend the rest of the year seeking information about salamanders, water striders, tadpoles, snakes, algae, plankton, and other unique features of ponds.’
    • ‘The water strider's hairy legs work to keep it afloat.’
    • ‘A male water strider can dislodge the sperm of the previous male and thus tries to mate with many females.’
    • ‘When a female water strider has mated, she rejects all subsequent males, both high and low quality.’
    • ‘It also occurs in water striders holding station in the current.’
    • ‘Another aspect of control is to protect natural mosquito predators such as dragonflies, ants, ground beetles, spiders, water striders, frogs and snails.’
    • ‘Although no one has carefully studied the biomechanics of water striders, he says that they, too, move by rowing.’
    • ‘They found that the water strider's legs are so buoyant, they can support 15 times the insect's weight without it sinking.’


water strider