Definition of water soldier in US English:

water soldier


  • An aquatic European plant with slender spiny-toothed leaves in submerged rosettes that rise to the surface at flowering time.

    Stratiotes aloides, family Hydrocharitaceae

    • ‘In and around the sparkling, unpolluted dykes dividing the marshes, plants like rare water soldier, frogbit and flowering rush hold forth.’
    • ‘The water soldier has long unbranched roots that hang down under the plant to balance it.’
    • ‘For nesting, the species requires water with a vegetation of water soldier, with insect-rich grassland nearby, where it can search for food.’
    • ‘Further onto the marsh there are water soldiers that should be coming into flower about now.’
    • ‘The water soldier offers a graceful display when it rises to the surface of the water to flower in July.’