Definition of water snake in English:

water snake


  • A harmless snake that is a powerful swimmer and spends part of its time in fresh water hunting for prey. Water snakes are found in Africa, Asia, and America.

    • ‘Dozens of species are utilizing the underpasses, including bobcat, otter, alligator, Florida water snake, and the round-tailed muskrat, a rare species endemic to Florida and parts of Georgia.’
    • ‘In their native habitat, predators such as large water snakes, alligators, and snapping turtles keep adult bullfrogs in check, while fish slurp tadpoles.’
    • ‘Lake Tanganyika has two unique snake species confined to this part of the world, the Tanganyika water cobra and the Tanganyika water snake.’
    • ‘The Lake Erie water snake is a nonvenomous snake that lives only on the islands and in the waters of the western Lake Erie basin.’
    • ‘Based on microsatellite DNA analyses, the northern water snake also shows evidence for local population differentiation.’
    • ‘The marsh supports American toads, midland painted turtles, Blanding's turtles, snapping turtles, and Lake Erie water snakes.’
    • ‘It's because of birds that I know the difference between a sugar maple and a red maple, a diamondback water snake and a cottonmouth, an American lady and a painted lady.’
    • ‘Is the fact that a swimming hole might have frogs or water snakes explained as a natural encounter with wildlife (and therefore treated respectfully)?’
    • ‘Then, yesterday, Lakshmi told me that a brown water snake had moved into the atrium - the center of the house, where there are plants and a shallow fish pond.’
    • ‘A water snake swims by, only to be grabbed by a heron's jaw.’
    • ‘These birds of a small size actually live off water snakes, so wherever there are water snakes, you can always hear the chirping of these little birds.’
    • ‘She walked along the banks of the lake, watching a water snake slither in the shallows.’
    • ‘The three of us watched a long water snake glide in a broad oval around the pond.’
    • ‘There were water snakes in the bottomland, rattlesnakes wedged between the rocks of wooden areas, and copperheads all over the place - especially in the shade under bushes and tobacco plants.’
    • ‘Croaking frogs have to be avoided and a water snake or two may obstruct your path.’
    • ‘Meals consisted of crickets and mealworms for most amphibians and lizards, fish for garter snakes and water snakes, beef for turtles, and rodents for monitor lizards, alligators, larger amphibians, and other snake species.’
    • ‘A large water snake was writhing on the surface of a small pond.’


water snake

/ˈwôdər ˌsnāk/