Definition of water shrew in US English:

water shrew


  • A large semiaquatic shrew that preys on aquatic invertebrates.

    Four genera, family Soricidae: several species, in particular the American water shrew (Sorex palustris) and the Eurasian water shrew (Neomys fodiens)

    • ‘In addition to the solenodon, the only mammals that use venom today are the North American short-tailed shrew, the Eurasian water shrew, and the Australian duck-billed platypus.’
    • ‘Kleptoparasitism has been reported in several species; the victims included blackbirds, song thrushes, water shrews, hawks and tree snakes.’
    • ‘Today they are an ideal habitat for many creatures including water shrews.’
    • ‘For example, northern water shrews are primarily found near wetland habitats including streams with overhanging banks, grass-sedge marshes, and shrub zones bordering streams and ponds.’
    • ‘The water shrew of Eurasia weakens its aquatic prey (snails, mollusks, and freshwater insects) with a similar saliva poison.’