Definition of water right in US English:

water right


  • 1usually plural The right to make use of the water from a stream, lake, or irrigation canal.

    • ‘Water storages in the region are critically low, and general security irrigators on the Murray system have been allocated zero per cent of their water right.’
    • ‘All this reform has led irrigators to question whether they actually own the water right at all.’
    • ‘The other valley water users mounted a concerted attempt to challenge his original water right, hoping to unhinge government control of the river.’
    • ‘In December, he actually relinquished his water right so the federal government could take over the project.’
    • ‘Extraordinarily, governments still have to define what a water right or entitlement really is.’
    • ‘Only when contending water users resorted to litigation would a judge file an adjudicated water right, one formally fixed by court decree and recorded in the county courthouse where the suit was decided.’
    • ‘It will rethink the whole process whereby the farms have always had the security of a water right - until the Government came along, and said that it will turn that on its head.’
  • 2Nautical
    The right to navigate on particular waters.