Definition of water opossum in US English:

water opossum

(also water possum)


  • another term for yapok
    • ‘The water opossum eats primarily crayfish, shrimp, fish, frogs, and possibly aquatic vegetation and fruit.’
    • ‘A trained eye might find a variety of other mammals here too, including giant anteaters, cougars, pampas deer, marsh deer, jaguars, water opossums, and a great variety of bats.’
    • ‘The ‘water opossum’ is unsurprisingly found near streams or rivers in forested areas.’
    • ‘Individual water opossums are solitary and hostile toward others of their species, except during mating times.’
    • ‘The very interesting water opossum is adapted to a semi-aquatic life and shows adaptations to fit this purpose: rear legs with membrane-joined toes.’