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water nymph


  • (in folklore and classical mythology) a nymph inhabiting or presiding over water, especially a naiad or nereid.

    • ‘Once, however, Arethusa was not water or even a water nymph but a fair young huntress and a follower of Artemis.’
    • ‘He told them how the islands in the distance had once been water nymphs, but he'd transformed them to islands because they forgot to include him in a feast they had.’
    • ‘While I was out swimming in this lake a few days ago, I came across a water nymph.’
    • ‘When she was sat down at the table in the warm, bright kitchen, the child promptly slid from her chair and cuddled her puppy under the table, whispering about enchanted faery castles and water nymphs, and beautiful orphaned princesses.’
    • ‘During the Romantic period, most ballets told stories taken from ancient myths or dramas, with supernatural female creatures, such as sylphs, shades, and water nymphs, enjoying great popularity.’
    • ‘Ocyrhoe was Chiron's daughter born of a water nymph, and she had the gift of prophecy.’
    • ‘The first to seek Tiresias' guidance was a water nymph enquiring about her son's future.’
    • ‘Somewhere a water nymph sang by the stream that had almost gone dry.’
    • ‘His mother cast him off because he did not meet her expectations, but because of the nurturing care provided by the water nymphs, in their underwater cave, he became a beautiful artisan.’
    • ‘The water nymphs, hearing Narcissus' farewell, began to weep, and the wood nymphs did, too.’
    • ‘At Chios, water nymphs entranced by Hylas's beauty dragged him into a spring, and he was never found.’
    • ‘Ovid's imagery pulses with energy, from Salmacis the water nymph's spluttery sexual assault in a pond to Semele combusting at the sight of Jupiter naked.’
    • ‘Cyane, a water nymph who pitied Proserpine, tried to block Pluto's entrance to the Underworld, but he used his powers to make a hole in the earth and descend to his realm despite her.’
    • ‘On the surface, Rusalka is just another variation on the classic fairy tale of the water nymph that falls in love with a human and brings disaster upon herself and on her beloved when she becomes a human.’
    • ‘I sat out on a rock, looking over a lake that had once been filled with water nymphs.’
    • ‘The water nymphs cultivate them at the bottom of Ran's lake.’
    • ‘But as I watched her I realized the truth… how she moved like that… it wasn't because she was good… it was because she was a water nymph.’
    • ‘It glimmers with the image of the adjacent water nymph in steep foreshortening.’
    • ‘Are you some sort of water nymph, or mermaid, some seducing goddess, leading men into waters, and manipulating them at your will?’
    • ‘She was running through the woods when she came to a river, and she begged her sisters, the water nymphs, to change her from her human form so that she could escape Pan.’
    sprite, sylph, wood nymph
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water nymph

/ˈwädər ˌnimf/