Definition of water moccasin in US English:

water moccasin


  • another term for cottonmouth
    • ‘So, an alligator let's say, or a water moccasin is out there displaced right now not knowing what to do.’
    • ‘Some very brave employees waded through the water, in the dark, and I understand that after about the second, third day, water moccasins were actually in the lobby of the hospital.’
    • ‘Don't get me wrong, I'm all for being a good steward of the environment but it seems to me the world would have been just fine without such creatures as black mambas and water moccasins.’
    • ‘Back in the fall on this same property, my hunting companions and I nearly tripped over several water moccasins.’
    • ‘One day I walked outside, and there's a water moccasin probably three feet long waiting for me.’
    • ‘In the wide water with water moccasins, Milkman repeats the tale.’
    • ‘Suddenly a water moccasin bites one of the Ranger students.’
    • ‘In the United States, about 8,000 people a year are bitten by rattlers or their cousins in the pit viper subfamily, which includes copperheads and water moccasins.’
    • ‘But the highlight of the day was shooting a water moccasin with a shotgun.’
    • ‘Alligators and water snakes - including venomous water moccasins - are common in and around the lake, which is a haven for several fishes and amphibians that are rare elsewhere in Texas and Louisiana.’
    • ‘There, parallel to the bottom of the gunwale, was an especially solid, fat, water moccasin.’
    • ‘They call it Snake Road, a gravel lane through southern Illinois' Shawnee National Forest, where each spring and fall automobile traffic is prohibited to ensure the safe passage of timber rattlers, water moccasins, and copperheads.’
    • ‘But it also contained decaying vegetation, water moccasins, and other poisonous snakes, and it became a haven for runaway slaves and poor whites who lived on the fringes of plantation society.’
    • ‘That's when he looked back over his shoulder and hollered, ‘Hey Shorty, look our for water moccasins.’’
    • ‘My guess is that alligators and water moccasins outnumber race fans in the Homestead area, which is south of Miami.’
    • ‘Buck's slave takes Huck down to the river to supposedly show him some water moccasins, but when he gets there, he is reunited with Jim.’
    • ‘In the swamps the water shimmered darkly and the slow snouts of alligators made semicircular ripples as they moved forward; water moccasins were curled over looping branches.’
    • ‘He said water moccasins are mean and smell nasty, although cobras aren't too bad.’


water moccasin