Definition of water mass in US English:

water mass


  • A large body of seawater that is distinguishable by its characteristic temperature and salinity range.

    • ‘Hydrographic data indicated that the highest toxin levels and greatest numbers of toxic cells were positioned in water masses associated with upwelling zones near coastal headlands.’
    • ‘A small storm in the first week of September somewhat shortened residence time and pushed some salt out of the upper estuary, and the large storm of 18 September almost completely replaced the upper estuarine water mass with freshwater.’
    • ‘The sampling was designed to target particle-rich layers in the water column that might have a hydrothermal origin, and also to sample the water masses present in the Bransfield Strait.’
    • ‘Neither species was restricted to the most productive water masses in the tropical Indian Ocean.’
    • ‘The land and water masses depicted were abstracted and stylized, yet still readable as landscape.’
    • ‘However, both seem likely given the duration of larval lives, the sensory and behavioral capabilities of larvae, their high levels of average mortality, and the variability of physical processes of the water mass around reefs.’
    • ‘This province is characterized by a tropical humid climate and is dominated by water masses of the South Brazil Current, a warm west-boundary current flowing from the equatorial zone.’
    • ‘Sooty Shearwaters are widespread at sea and concentrate around upwellings, where cold and warm water masses meet, and over the continental shelf in cooler waters.’
    • ‘Because of the difference in temperatures of the water masses that meet in the canal, heat storage in the rock of the bridge piers causes the temperatures to differ between the bridges.’
    • ‘All four sites are in close proximity ([less than] 0.5 km in distance) and are covered by the same water mass at high tide coming in from the western part of Back Sound.’
    • ‘The oscillation also brings changes in the location of the cold and warm water masses that also alter the path of the jet stream, which moves storms around the world.’
    • ‘The mission will precisely measure the planet's shifting water masses and map their effects on Earth's gravity field, yielding new information on effects of global climate change.’
    • ‘Several water masses are present and the proportions of these waters vary across the study area.’
    • ‘Modern deep-water circulation across the area involves a number of complex water masses.’
    • ‘The deep and bottom water masses of the oceans make contact with the atmosphere only at high latitudes near or at the poles.’