Definition of water main in US English:

water main


  • A main line in a water supply system.

    • ‘The water main that was laid down more than 40 years ago was placed in the street for only 100 metres, which represents only part of Robert Street.’
    • ‘Hundreds of pupils faced travel misery and homes were left without water after contractors twice severed a water main and damaged a bridge while working on the Esk Valley Line.’
    • ‘In addition, she said, the water main running the length of Cathcart Street was, when exposed, found to be in extremely poor condition.’
    • ‘However, Baghdad residents received a boost yesterday when water was restored to nearly half of the beleaguered capital after a week-long crisis caused by sabotage of a water main.’
    • ‘About 5,435 homes are slated to receive connections to the water main.’
    • ‘A nearby street, Wellgate, takes its name from a Late Medieval wellhead structure which still survives on the site, and from which people in the town drew water until a water main was installed in 1903.’
    • ‘Repairs to the railway bridge over the road, followed by a new water main being laid, has meant no traffic has been using the route through Dedham Road, Mill Hill and Jupes Hill for the past five months.’
    • ‘If the proposed building is situated near a water main or near an area of conservation, this will be pointed out to the planning applicant.’
    • ‘Normally when a new sewer was being laid and there was a need to put in a new water main and other services they would endeavour to get capital funding for all of that.’
    • ‘The report also showed that the resettlement of the people was proceeding although there was a hitch at the weekend when a water main was damaged by a grader clearing the site.’
    • ‘Once the casing was exposed, we hooked onto the pipe, brought it up, and reconnected to the existing water main running from the street.’
    • ‘Early morning on September 18, the combination of heavy rains and, according to Pattaya City sources, a broken water main quickly flooded many areas of North Pattaya.’
    • ‘While the man thought his area needed a new water main, and would gladly have given permission, no one bothered to ask him before they began digging across his backyard.’
    • ‘The work to replace the water main is costing £800,000.’
    • ‘A water main had burst causing buildings to flood.’
    • ‘He included an anecdote about a water main breaking at the track and how he rushed out of his office, then paused to wonder what to do.’
    • ‘It's loud and it's spraying and shutting off the water main hasn't stopped the loudness or the spraying.’
    • ‘The blast blew down a 40 ft section of the front wall in front of the three-storey building, destroyed a dozen cars in the area and broke a water main, flooding surrounding streets.’
    • ‘There was a busted water main a few streets away today.’
    • ‘A new water main will also be installed in London Road.’


water main

/ˈwɔdər ˌmeɪn/