Definition of water lily in US English:

water lily


  • An ornamental aquatic plant with large round floating leaves and large, typically cup-shaped, floating flowers.

    Family Nymphaeaceae: several genera and many species, including the white-flowered fragrant water lily (Nymphaea odorata) of eastern North America, and the yellow-flowered Indian pond lily of California (Nuphar polysepalum)

    • ‘Floating plants like water lilies or duckweed block sunlight, preventing algae from thriving.’
    • ‘Visitors are especially intrigued by the large frog pond, complete with real frogs, pollywogs, bog plants, bulrushes, pickerel and water lilies, adjacent to the winery tasting room and cellars.’
    • ‘The installations were accompanied by small nature paintings, a tangled root clump in one, a water lily in another.’
    • ‘Aquatic plants also will be featured in the conservatory, Moran said, including a vibrant flowering purple tropical water lily on display during a recent tour.’
    • ‘The seal on the door was a serpent dragon lying down in a water lily.’
    • ‘I got home mid-morning from my errands to discover that the water lily has opened its first flower.’
    • ‘All dead and yellowing growth should be cleared from marginal plants and water lilies, and submerged aquatics that are getting out of hand should be thinned out.’
    • ‘Fill it about two-thirds with water, then add a dwarf water lily (to raise it, set its pot atop an inverted container).’
    • ‘The water lily is still in its infancy, with only five leaves and two of them the minor affairs that were on it when it was planted, but even so there's enough to get an impression of what the pond will look like in the summer rain.’
    • ‘Graham was dismayed to see how much the grass had grown but delighted to see the bloom on the water lily.’
    • ‘It's a gloriously vibrant water lily, with creamy colors and almost infinite deepness in detail and tone.’
    • ‘Crystal slowly made her way over to the pond and reached for a water lily just as she heard her voice being called.’
    • ‘It is interesting to note, however, that one extant water lily, Barclaya rotundifolia, may have reinvaded wet, shady, disturbed forest understory habitats.’
    • ‘Great rafts of red/green foliage support the large, sparkling blooms of the white water lily, while the yellow fringed water lily spreads its dainty but prolific leaves and flowers from bank to bank.’
    • ‘I went to the fountain and saw varieties of water plants like water lilies and duckweed.’
    • ‘Some plants, such as water lilies, need to be rooted in containers seated at the bottom of the pond.’
    • ‘The banks are high with wild orchid, gunnera and water lily.’
    • ‘Her finders idly stroked the silky petals of a water lily.’
    • ‘Aquatics with floating leaves, water lilies included, also need yearly attention.’
    • ‘Her hair was pulled into two buns at the topsides of her head and a water lily was placed in the middle of them.’


water lily

/ˈwɔdər ˌlɪli/