Definition of water garden in US English:

water garden


  • A garden with pools or a stream, for growing aquatic plants.

    • ‘We imagined evergreen swags and bright poinsettias giving way to quieter displays of moss tucked in copper trays, a tranquil water garden, and other gentle reminders of spring.’
    • ‘In the water garden at Camus Park, Co Tipperary, naturalised ferns, grasses, Anemones, Hellebores and Primulas thrive in the carefully planned shelter of trees.’
    • ‘The party had four separate ‘zones’: a Japanese water garden, a nightclub, a forest and a dining area, while the invitation asked guests to wear ‘white tie and diamonds’.’
    • ‘Now a patio, a pergola, and a water garden animate the space, and the yard has become an outdoor room that's at once rich and relaxing.’
    • ‘Plants are critical elements in a water garden and are appreciated as much by the fish as by the gardener.’
    • ‘A modest water garden can be contained in a barrel or trough or you can have an elaborate pond with streams, fountains and waterfalls.’
    • ‘Once your water garden is up and growing, it will require very little in the way of maintenance.’
    • ‘The introduction of plants and fish to the water garden is something that can be done a little each season.’
    • ‘Designed astride one of Europe's longest herbaceous borders are numerous formal gardens, including a tropical garden, rose garden and water garden.’
    • ‘He built a water garden and a mulch pit in the 1960s when such things were unheard of.’
    • ‘The go-ahead means that 29-year-old Kate and her 39-year-old husband can carry on with a landscaping scheme that includes restoring the existing water garden.’
    • ‘We entered the North water garden, crossing over moss covered ground and I motioned for them to have a seat on the carved marble benches.’
    • ‘As you plan your water garden, consider the aquatic plants you may want to include in it.’
    • ‘Undaunted, Margaret has created a garden of rare character, with both formal and informal areas, including an orchard and a water garden.’
    • ‘Jake Thorne's table is located at a secluded corner table right next to a window-wall looking out a miniature water garden with a lily pond and some romantic windmills.’
    • ‘With its two shallow ponds, a stream, a waterfall, and a narrow arbor-covered bridge that drips purple blooms of wisteria, the water garden offers all the serenity and grace of a classic Japanese design.’
    • ‘To operate any electrical equipment near a water garden, use an outdoor outlet.’
    • ‘Vineyards and covered bridges dot this county, and the largest water garden in the U.S., the Lilypons Water Gardens, is in Buckeystown.’
    • ‘There he created art twice over, developing a spectacular garden including a water garden inspired by the Japanese and then capturing its features - a Japanese bridge, the waterlilies - in large and dramatic canvases.’
    • ‘Some gardens, mine included, are designed with a water garden as a central feature.’