Definition of water chestnut in US English:

water chestnut


  • 1The tuber of a tropical sedge that is widely used in Asian cooking, its white flesh remaining crisp after cooking.

    • ‘The dish included a good range of crunchy vegetables - broccoli, green peppers, bamboo shoots, water chestnuts, cashew nuts and onion among them.’
    • ‘It contained rump steak, mushrooms, peppers, water chestnuts and bamboo shoots.’
    • ‘Sweetened scrambled egg yolk with water chestnuts, sweet corns and dried fruits is a dim sum created by the chef, crisp and soft.’
    • ‘Clark spears a water chestnut with his chopstick while trying to pick it up.’
    • ‘The sizzling chicken with a spicy Peking sauce proved very popular and came with bean sprouts, crispy water chestnuts and small shapes of carrot in a very tasty sweet and sour barbecue sauce.’
    • ‘This was not your usual lumps of chicken floating on a sea of oyster sauce and a sprinkle of cashews, but had crispy water chestnuts, some pieces of sausage, mushroom and fried chilli as well.’
    • ‘With her fingers, she picked up a water chestnut experimentally and placed it in her mouth.’
    • ‘Add the prawns, cornflour, paste and bamboo shoots, carrots, water chestnuts and bean sprouts.’
    • ‘Deep-frozen eyeballs might have the same consistency, somewhere between a water chestnut and a lychee; a cavernous void would have had more flavour.’
    • ‘The sautéed mushrooms, celery, tiny corn, water chestnut and snow peas are specially recommended - they were healthy and light, half fried so that the colour was bright and the vegetables crisp and full of juice.’
    • ‘Drain the vinegar from the clam and add the sweet pea juice, wasabi, water chestnuts, chili, parsley and sea salt and toss to combine.’
    • ‘Oh, I thought this was a potato, but they're more like water chestnuts.’
    • ‘Add ginger, dried and fresh mushrooms, water chestnuts and beansprouts and toss well.’
    • ‘Or add flavour at the end in the form of smoked or raw fish, scallops, sliced and marinated beef, Chinese roast pork, finely chopped water chestnut or finely shredded iceberg lettuce.’
    • ‘Drain well, then add beans, orange sections and water chestnuts.’
    • ‘Create themes for your raw veggies such as an Asian mix with snow peas, cucumber slices, shredded carrots, water chestnuts, bean sprouts and bok choy.’
    • ‘Be careful because a tiny cube of crisp water chestnut, together with some hot juice, is wrapped in the core of each ball.’
    • ‘After 1 minute, add snow peas, bean sprouts, water chestnuts and sliced red capsicum to wok.’
    • ‘In the latter stages of cooking add water chestnuts, small corns, green beans and a tin of coconut milk.’
    • ‘The water chestnuts went with the baby corn and straw mushrooms very well, and the cream cut the chilli heat to perfection.’
  • 2The sedge that yields the water chestnut, which is cultivated in flooded fields in Southeast Asia.

    Eleocharis tuberosa, family Cyperaceae

    • ‘Where I lived in up-state New York someone got the bright idea of growing water chestnuts in a pond as a crop.’
  • 3An aquatic plant with small white flowers, producing an edible rounded seed with two large projecting horns.

    Trapa natans, family Trapaceae

    • ‘Eleocharis dulcis, is not a nut and is a completely different plant from the water chestnuts of the genus Trapa.’
    • ‘Edible plants for your pond include watercress, water chestnuts, and arrowhead or Wapato.’


water chestnut

/ˈwɔdər ˌtʃɛs(t)nət/