Definition of water cannon in US English:

water cannon


  • A device that ejects a powerful jet of water, typically used to disperse a crowd.

    • ‘When police moved against the crowd they gave only two minutes warning before using water cannon and tear gas.’
    • ‘The police were standing by with water cannon to safely disperse the mob.’
    • ‘Mobile police units used water cannon and truncheons to counter the right-wing rioters, who threw stones and bottles.’
    • ‘Police retaliated with teargas, water cannon and rubber bullets.’
    • ‘I'm soaking wet, bruised and burning from the water cannon and the gas.’
    • ‘Hundreds of rioters launched a sustained assault along the West Circular Road before a water cannon and plastic bullets were used to disperse the mob.’
    • ‘A friend of mine witnessed a woman blown off her stilts with a water cannon.’
    • ‘Those nutters in the square loved every minute of it and even cheered when the water cannon returned.’
    • ‘Over 80 police and soldiers used truncheons, tear gas and a water cannon on protestors, including women and children.’
    • ‘The clashes broke out after police used water cannon to disperse crowds who had gathered to protest at a contentious Orange march through the area.’
    • ‘The tank has a turret that can be used like the water cannon, except that it destroys whatever it hits.’
    • ‘Special units of the police attacked pickets and demonstrators with water cannon and truncheons.’
    • ‘Two companies of riot police armed with water cannon were used to disperse the workers and at least one was detained.’
    • ‘Street battles developed with police using water cannon and tear gas against the demonstrators.’
    • ‘A water cannon was deployed outside the Australian Embassy, while reinforcements stood by on alert.’
    • ‘A team of police officers from the Central Jakarta Police precinct cordoned off the area with three buses and a truck to stop the brawl, and used a water cannon to disperse the mob.’
    • ‘Indonesian police fired warning shots, tear gas and water cannon to try and disperse the crowd.’
    • ‘After the demonstrators threw rocks and paint bombs, police responded with overwhelming force, firing rubber bullets, water cannon and tear gas before launching baton charges.’
    • ‘Police had to use water cannon and tear gas to break up a crowd of some 200 young people who hurled fireworks and other missiles at them.’
    • ‘A variation on the water cannon is a device which allows an electric shock to be directed via the fluid.’


water cannon

/ˈwɔdər ˌkænən/