Definition of water buffalo in US English:

water buffalo


  • A large black domesticated buffalo with heavy swept-back horns, used as a beast of burden throughout the tropics.

    Genus Bubalus, family Bovidae: the domesticated B. bubalis, descended from the wild B. arnee, which is confined to remote parts of India and Southeast Asia

    • ‘Research veterinarians are experimenting with vaccines in animals to try to save 2 million cattle and water buffalo that die each year of rinderpest.’
    • ‘But the rainy season is good news for some animals such as water buffalo and David's deer.’
    • ‘Livestock (cattle, water buffalo, sheep, and goats) is also important and some land is used to grow fodder crops for these animals.’
    • ‘The hot spot is home to important populations of numerous large birds and mammals, including vultures, tigers, elephants, rhinos, and wild water buffalo.’
    • ‘In Africa, the water buffalo is represented by the African or cape buffalo.’
    • ‘The bones, the scientists found, belonged to a species of water buffalo that probably lived between 10,000 and 100,000 years ago.’
    • ‘They had figured out how to get milk out of water buffalo by breeding a new kind of water buffalo.’
    • ‘My friends and I took little-used routes to the outer edges of the valley to graze and mind our cows and water buffalo - the job of most rural kids.’
    • ‘But we very rarely argue the morality of the water buffalo that defends herself from the lioness with horn and hoof - we only seem to argue the point when we humans are involved.’
    • ‘Brahma cows and water buffalo roamed the beaches where there are now posh condos and five star hotels.’
    • ‘That is how V. komodoensis routinely kill deer and pigs; one Komodo monitor even eviscerated a water buffalo!’
    • ‘It brings to mind one of those nature documentaries, where the wounded water buffalo desperately tries to fend off the hyenas circling in for the kill.’
    • ‘A water buffalo and a cow proved unwilling to be sacrificial animals and fled from the butcher's block, sparking confusion among locals.’
    • ‘They are famous around the county for their collection of unusual breeds, beginning with water buffalo, then venison, and now wild boar.’
    • ‘When compared with other domestic livestock, the water buffalo is generally a healthy animal.’
    • ‘Although most families have a water buffalo or cow, these animals are rarely eaten except on ceremonial occasions, when an animal is sacrificed to please the spirits.’
    • ‘They eat the meat of goats, sheep, water buffalo, and cows.’
    • ‘However, few families own more than a small number of cows, water buffalo, or yaks because the mountainous topography does not provide grazing land for large animals.’
    • ‘Common farm animals are cattle, water buffalo, horses, chickens, and, in non-Muslim areas, pigs.’
    • ‘Ranchers graze cattle and water buffalo on floodplain grasslands to produce meat and secondarily dairy products.’


water buffalo

/ˈwɔdər ˌbəfəloʊ/