Definition of water birth in US English:

water birth


  • A birth in which the mother spends the final stages of labor in a birthing pool, with delivery taking place either in or out of the water.

    • ‘Water dilutes germs, making a water birth potentially less risky than a ‘land’ birth.’
    • ‘I confided to my grandmother that I was planning a water birth.’
    • ‘She's going to have a water birth as well and I have to get in the tub with her.’
    • ‘I already had decided to have a water birth at home.’
    • ‘A few years ago water births were seen as a bit of an oddity, but now they are the norm.’
    • ‘Our case report and review of the literature confirm that water birth has risks for the newborn.’
    • ‘The couple, from West End, had been planning a water birth at Southampton's Princess Anne Hospital for their first child - but changed their mind when things started happening very quickly.’
    • ‘A home birth is very much on the cards, with the possibility of a water birth - or at least keeping the bath well filled.’
    • ‘When I became pregnant with our third child, my husband, Mark, who is an obstetrician, suggested that a water birth might be a gentle way to bring our baby into the world.’
    • ‘According to dramatic new biological evidence, it seems that women have been opting for water births since time began.’
    • ‘Martin decides to impress Christine by trying to look like her favourite pop star and Sandy enlists Mary's help in practising for a water birth.’
    • ‘Thanks to her, birth plans, midwife-run departments, breathing exercises, water births, birthing stools and attendant fathers are no longer sniggersome medical matters.’
    • ‘Other private groups include Active Birth classes, which specialise in water births and yoga during pregnancy, and classes run by independent midwives.’
    • ‘It also has a pool room where water births are encouraged.’
    • ‘I switched from my nurse-midwives to an alternative doctor interested in promoting water births.’
    • ‘Other requests, such as home births or water births, however, are not realistic options.’
    • ‘His wife (or ‘the mother of his daughter,’ as he put it) is a midwife who specializes in water births at home.’