Definition of water-based in US English:



  • (of a substance or solution) using or having water as a medium or main ingredient.

    ‘a water-based paint’
    • ‘It also vowed to improve air quality in plants by switching to more costly water-based glues and by improving ventilation.’
    • ‘They could use small amounts of thick, water-based glue applied with a toothpick.’
    • ‘That fluoride, as well as naturally occurring fluoride in some well and municipal water supplies, then finds its way into water-based beverages and foods.’
    • ‘Since water always contains a balanced amount of the two ions and the equation shown above is true for all water-based solutions, the following equation can be formed.’
    • ‘The main drawback of water-based coatings is that dispersing polymers in water inevitably incurs a penalty in terms of chemical resistance properties.’
    • ‘Compared with water-based coatings, hot-melt adhesive coatings ensure anchorage and eliminate the risk of residue depositing on the medical device.’
    • ‘In fact, the paint was chosen because acrylic or water-based paint would not stick to tiles or run across the roof, and would therefore be less difficult to remove.’
    • ‘You can get these at paint stores (they must be water-based pigments) or at construction supply houses that sell integral color for concrete.’
    • ‘Pieces may be attached with glue or any water-based adhesive.’
    • ‘I'll stick with a water-based solution for now.’
    • ‘We tend to use water-based paints, as these are much more friendly to the environment.’
    • ‘It needs to dry out a bit before we can recoat it with a water-based wood preservative.’
    • ‘We use a modern water-based timber preservative that doesn't flake, and we just put on one coat with no need for preparation.’
    • ‘Wooden eggs were coated with a water-based wood finish and then sanded prior to painting with acrylic paint.’
    • ‘When using a water-based glaze on our clay projects, I asked a second-grader what color he wanted to use.’
    • ‘Was the glue used in binding a water-based resin adhesive?’
    • ‘People learn how to hand decorate a collection of unglazed pottery with water-based glazes.’
    • ‘We've designed the building so that the indoor air quality is quite high, so we've used all water-based paints and glues.’
    • ‘Its sustainably forested wood is stained with nontoxic, water-based dyes.’
    • ‘Demonstrating great skill in their medium, the 19 artists involved stretch and explore the physical properties of water-based paint.’