Definition of watchtower in US English:



  • A tower built to create an elevated observation point.

    • ‘Hotels, beaches and resorts may be required to have watchtowers for alerting public.’
    • ‘There's no fence, no razor wire, no watchtowers, no guard station.’
    • ‘Girona proper is steeped in the history of its medieval old city, a cobbled labyrinth of narrow alleys and watchtowers separated from the city's modern business district by the smooth-flowing Onyar River.’
    • ‘We are ushered through another checkpoint and eventually the road ends at a couple of watchtowers and heavily guarded barriers.’
    • ‘We could have turned the planet into a slave camp of watchtowers and concertina wire if we had chosen.’
    • ‘In these mountainous areas, the typical Caucasian home is built like a fortress, with high watchtowers and six-metre walls.’
    • ‘He ordered thousands of watchtowers to be built 12 metres tall and 12 square metres at their base with 6-metre walls of granite joining them.’
    • ‘The western terminal of the wall was at Bowness-on-Solway, but fortlets and watchtowers continued down the Cumberland coast.’
    • ‘It's a tower - an old watchtower from the days when they needed watchtowers.’
    • ‘It is surrounded by trenches, electric wire and moats; there are watchtowers at regular intervals.’
    • ‘The settlement perimeter is marked by watchtowers and torches and the village has its own cadre of border guards dressed in a sort of monk's habit in a mustard colour, which is thought to soothe the creatures.’
    • ‘And in the meantime, in all those hills surrounding those cities, sharpshooters are standing by in watchtowers.’
    • ‘This is a complete misnomer; it is an eight metre high sheer concrete wall with watchtowers.’
    • ‘We have wildfires out there, and there are watchtowers that are empty because of his cuts.’
    • ‘However our experience to date has been that the watchtowers have now been replaced by frequent checkpoints on roads in the area.’
    • ‘When we first stepped onto the Great Wall we were awe-struck by the never-ending structure snaking up into the hills in both directions, with little square watchtowers dotted along the horizon.’
    • ‘Army watchtowers to be demolished with no Army presence in police stations and use of military helicopters for training purposes only.’
    warning fire, warning light, signal fire, signal light, bonfire, smoke signal, beam, signal, danger signal, guiding light
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