Definition of watchcase in US English:



  • A metal case enclosing the works of a watch.

    • ‘Born into a middle-class Philadelphia family (his father designed watch cases and painted in his later years), Carles made a shining start at the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, where he studied from 1900 to 1907.’
    • ‘This fabulous watch case was a great gift for a co-worker.’
    • ‘I notice that Joe has left the watch case on his desk.’
    • ‘Small quantities were hidden in shoes, hat bands, pens, watch cases, or jewelry.’
    • ‘It cannot be serviced as the whole watch case is a single unit.’
    • ‘Throwing away a watch case isn't an obstruction of an official investigation because it isn't relevant.’
    • ‘You can also have a choice of dial color, not to mention different metals such as stainless steel, yellow gold or rose gold for your watch case.’
    • ‘Titanium for metal injection molding is commercially available but is generally used for moderate - to low-stress applications such as surgical tools, golf club putters, and watch cases and bands.’
    • ‘‘Just tell her that someone's here to see her,’ I responded, clutching the watch case as if it were a talisman against Hannah's rejection.’
    • ‘A local servicer may not have the proper tools, materials, and/or expertise to do something like change the watch case's rubber gaskets, which keep it waterproof.’
    • ‘Batteries in the early 1970s were relatively large and dictated that the watch case was clumsily large too.’
    • ‘Geneva-based Rolex lays claim to the first truly waterproof watch case, the Oyster, first produced in 1926.’