Definition of watchable in US English:



  • (of a film or television program) moderately enjoyable to watch.

    • ‘Yet it passes a distinctive cinematic test which other, more easily watchable films fail: it stays with you.’
    • ‘They serve not to make the film watchable, only to make it bearable.’
    • ‘The film itself was entirely watchable, with the right blend and balance, I thought, of talk and music.’
    • ‘Paradoxically, its humour and compassion make it a thoroughly watchable, even enjoyable.’
    • ‘It's a good solid film, which is made even more watchable if you have an interest in poker.’
    • ‘The film is very watchable and far superior to any broadcast of it I've seen before.’
    • ‘His portrayal of a decent family man backed into a corner by the system goes a long way to making this film as watchable as it is.’
    • ‘Still, it's a very watchable and entertaining film if you can get by some of the flaws.’
    • ‘That may end up being the primary function of this spotty yet watchable film.’
    • ‘Horrific as the material is, it makes for a worryingly watchable film.’
    • ‘All told, the film is more than watchable and is outstanding much of the time.’
    • ‘It's a pity the script is so offensive, because in other respects the film is quite watchable.’
    • ‘And then, sometimes I was just restless and bored, though the film was consistently watchable.’
    • ‘Yet despite all that, or perhaps because of it, it's outstandingly watchable television.’
    • ‘Hidden somewhere deep in these two gushy hours of melodrama lie the makings of a vaguely watchable film.’
    • ‘The programmes are highly watchable and substantially accurate.’
    • ‘I think what makes it a more watchable and probably accessible film is that it feels like a richer experience.’
    • ‘There are some funny moments during the film making the movie watchable, but the script is weak and a little slow.’
    • ‘This is one reason why the film is not as watchable as it should be.’
    • ‘Still, the film is very watchable and as I said the scenery is worth watching all by itself.’