Definition of watch the time in English:

watch the time


  • Ensure that one is aware of the time in order to avoid being late.

    • ‘‘All right, but only fifteen minutes, and I'll be watching the time too, so don't think you can get away with anything,’ he said, handing over his precious car keys to his younger brother.’
    • ‘She talks about continually watching the time to ensure that they are home by 7pm.’
    • ‘I have to watch the time closely, though, so I don't get too involved in what I'm watching and loose track of time.’
    • ‘Clicking through the stations, he tried to relax instead of watching the time.’
    • ‘‘Well, I better be going,’ he said, as if he had been watching the time.’
    • ‘We were all over at Kylie's, and I wasn't really watching the time.’
    • ‘I shook my head thinking that I needed to watch the time better when programming.’
    • ‘I have been watching the time quite carefully, and I have seen that this debate on the title has gone on for a fraction over an hour.’
    • ‘Well, I know in the world we have to watch the time and be aware of what's going on and schedule our lives, but time is excruciating pain when you're waiting and hoping for answers.’
    • ‘She mentally scolded herself for being so stupid so as not to watch the time and she made a promise with herself that she would never make that mistake again.’