Definition of watch someone like a hawk in US English:

watch someone like a hawk


  • Keep a vigilant eye on someone, especially to check that they do nothing wrong.

    • ‘Either way from the moment he arrived back on US soil the FBI watched him like a hawk.’
    • ‘I watch him like a hawk as he goes back to the car for some tools.’
    • ‘Now the silent majority will be watching him like a hawk, putting everything he says under the microscope of what is and what isn't acceptable.’
    • ‘My gaze caught Donovan's, who was watching me like a hawk.’
    • ‘Fear of losing their child kept them watching Matt like a hawk, staring at his arms for a sign, watching over his medications and sleeping habits.’
    • ‘He settled back in his chair, but I noticed that he was watching me like a hawk.’
    • ‘She watches me like a hawk and I'm sure it's her careful eye that has helped me keep so well.’
    • ‘Bung in the oven and bake for five to ten minutes until golden and crisp (watch them like a hawk as they can burn easily).’
    • ‘So anyway, I let them walk round, keeping their hands in their pockets to make sure they didn't nick anything and watching them like a hawk.’
    • ‘Just being here, I've been watching them like a hawk and seeing what they're doing behind the scenes.’