Definition of watch one's step in US English:

watch one's step

(also mind one's step)


  • Used as a warning to someone to walk or act carefully.

    ‘you'd better watch your step with him—he's not as innocent as he looks’
    ‘mind your step—the path's a bit steep’
    • ‘If you don't obey the higher law of prudence by watching your step on an icy day, you will be compelled to obey the lower law of gravity.’
    • ‘I guess I'll just have to watch my step extra carefully, especially when it come to Annette.’
    • ‘They know it is an environment where you have to watch your step.’
    • ‘I walk down the hall watching my step so I don't bump into anyone and turn into the next corridor; the food court lies ahead.’
    • ‘Tanya went down the stairs, watching her step carefully.’
    • ‘And should such claims be advanced, what other social contracts and vows might be up for re-examination, what other unrewarding social institutions would have to start watching their step?’
    • ‘When walking, however much you love the city, watch your step as well as looking up at the buildings’
    • ‘Who were you thinking of instead of watching your step, Evie?’
    • ‘The best way to describe it is to say that it feels like walking on a small boat - you have to watch your step and sometimes you feel sick.’
    • ‘It's the defense's job to make sure that the prosecution watch their boundaries, watches their step.’
    be careful, take care, step carefully, step cautiously, walk carefully, walk cautiously, tread carefully, tread cautiously, exercise care, exercise caution, mind how one goes, look out, watch out, watch oneself, be wary, be circumspect, be chary, take heed, be attentive, be on one's guard, have one's wits about one, keep one's wits about one, be on the qui vive
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