Definition of watch one's mouth in US English:

watch one's mouth


  • Be careful about what one says.

    • ‘You'll learn to watch your mouth when talking to me.’
    • ‘I was the one who made sure that he watched his mouth in interviews.’
    • ‘Please watch your mouth around here, young lady.’
    • ‘I should also warn you to watch your mouth around him.’
    • ‘I'd watch your mouth if I were you.’
    • ‘I know damn well what I'm saying, and no way in hell am I watching my mouth.’
    • ‘‘Todd Alexander, watch your mouth in front of your mother,’ Rob snapped.’
    • ‘You should watch your mouth when there is a lady present.’
    • ‘After warning him to watch his mouth once again he walked off with his dogs.’
    • ‘In the locker-room, too, he will have to watch his mouth.’