Definition of wastewater in US English:



  • Water that has been used in the home, in a business, or as part of an industrial process.

    ‘this water recycling facility treats wastewater so that it can be reused’
    • ‘Many areas have no waste water treatment plants at all, with sludge and sewage disposal going directly in to the ocean.’
    • ‘This waste water invariably ends up in river systems.’
    • ‘The machine uses natural processes of plants and algae to purify waste water.’
    • ‘"The idea of using recycled waste water is yet to gain acceptance here," says an official.’
    • ‘We also account for the disposal of waste water polluted by fertilizers, as well as by pesticides and herbicides.’
    • ‘He said by utilising waste water on the proposed leased land, lessees would pay one quarter of the costs in water usage.’
    • ‘The development has a number of potential environmental benefits with introducing technology for recycling and reuse of waste water and storm water.’
    • ‘After Bill designed the new system, the inspectors came back and thought that their measuring equipment was broken because the waste water coming out of the plant was cleaner than the water going into it.’
    • ‘Domestic waste water is infiltrated down slotted pipes to provide shading rows of trees.’
    • ‘Those applying for permission to build in rural areas must meet normal planning requirements concerning the proper disposal of waste water and road safety.’