Definition of waste pipe in English:

waste pipe


  • A pipe carrying waste water, such as that from a sink, bathtub, or shower, to a drain.

    • ‘I realised he was under the floor, in an old drainage waste pipe.’
    • ‘I want waste pipes to be slick tubes, tightly sealed.’
    • ‘And they say other faults including a gut-wrenching stench due to the plumber's failure to connect the kitchen sink waste pipe to the sewer kept emerging.’
    • ‘He alleges the roof has not been properly insulated, plumbing throughout the bungalow has not been installed correctly and waste pipes are blocked and need replacing with new ones.’
    • ‘Some valuable information was given about cleaning grates, waste pipes, and gullies, in order to keep down offensive smells, and parents were encouraged to follow the advice given on feeding babies.’
    • ‘In the space at the back of our stairs we found a small room, a small room that contained the soil stack, into which the offending waste pipe terminated.’
    • ‘Potentially harmful leaks from waste pipes can also be located, enabling repairs to be carried out quickly.’
    • ‘Aldo has been blasting a hole in the 3ft wall for the waste pipe.’
    • ‘This week the plumbing seemed to spontaneously combust, first the kitchen tap sprung a leak and then last night the waste pipe under the bath gave up!’
    • ‘If slugs are seen, it is usually because they are coming in from outside, often under a door or perhaps through a gap around a waste pipe.’
    • ‘Our old one still worked - sort of - but the filter for the waste pipe was giving us problems, and the wash cycle didn't always advance properly.’
    • ‘Yesterday I took advantage of the nice weather to get a bit of gardening and some house maintenance done, finding a broken kitchen sink waste pipe in the back yard in the process.’
    • ‘Quantities of asbestos are still to be found in houses and offices, including insulation boards in cupboards, guttering and waste pipes, roof tiles and wall-plugging compounds.’
    • ‘In the past, asbestos has been widely used by South African companies to produce a wide range of products, including gaskets, seals, brake linings, roofing sheets, gutters and other building products, waste pipes and flower pots.’
    • ‘My trusty builder snapped me out of it with talk of sewers, waste pipes and gravity, so I settled for a semi-sunken one instead.’
    • ‘Plumber number one tightened the fixing for the waste pipe - but two weeks later the bath was still leaking.’
    • ‘In a catalogue of incidents costing hundreds of pounds vandals wrecked a floodlight after climbing onto a clubhouse roof, damaged waste pipes, damaged the roof, and left broken glass and litter lying on the pitch.’


waste pipe

/ˈwās(t) ˌpīp/