Definition of waste one's breath in US English:

waste one's breath


  • Talk or give advice without effect.

    ‘I have better things to do than waste my breath arguing’
    • ‘You shouldn't have wasted your breath on them.’
    • ‘She didn't bother wasting her breath on droning polite words to sound sophisticated.’
    • ‘I tried to explain the spellchecker to her, but after a few seconds I realized I was wasting my breath.’
    • ‘He was bound to find out about my problem eventually, so why waste my breath when it was not needed?’
    • ‘He wanted to tell them how wrong they all were but he felt like he would be wasting his breath.’
    • ‘You silently curse, but it's no use, you're just wasting your breath; no one can control Mother Nature.’
    • ‘I will explain to you, but there is no point in wasting my breath unless you answer me one simple question.’
    • ‘Stop wasting your breath and drive or else I'll do it myself!’
    • ‘But they're wasting their breath, we're not about to sacrifice the principles we cherish.’
    • ‘So quit wasting your breath, forget her and move out of my way.’