Definition of Wassermann test in US English:

Wassermann test


  • A diagnostic test for syphilis using a specific antibody reaction (the Wassermann reaction) of the patient's blood serum.

    • ‘The possibility of this he steadily denied, and his word was borne out by the Wassermann tests, which consistently gave negative results, though tried again and again.’
    • ‘More sensitive than the Wassermann test, the Kahn test could be completed in a matter of minutes.’
    • ‘For years Wassermann tests have been carried out in routine management of pregnancy, to warn of possible miscarriage or to prevent congenital syphilis in the infant.’
    • ‘He returned to San Antonio, where he performed the first Wassermann tests in the state.’
    • ‘A considerable volume of routine serologic work, notably Wassermann tests, was also accomplished.’


Early 20th century: named after August P. Wassermann (1866–1925), German pathologist.


Wassermann test