Definition of Waspish in English:



    • ‘A talented young artist, he returns with a portfolio of animal sketches - and a sudden enthusiasm for Waspish, heartland values.’
    • ‘He seems to be on the verge of agreeing in this lavish, Waspish enterprise.’
    • ‘But that's ignoring the host of other immigrant entertainers who also altered their names to a more Waspish form; I think this kind of stuff deserves a programme of its own.’
    • ‘While no doubt a few of the neighbors were dismayed by this violation of Waspish color preferences, the effect was both unexpected and charming.’
    • ‘Both he and Woods, who played in the same 1995 Walker Cup side, are blazing a trail for ethnic minorities on the US Tour, which is still dominated by golfers of a Waspish background.’

Definition of waspish in English:



  • Readily expressing anger or irritation.

    ‘he had a waspish tongue’
    • ‘On reflection, however, I feel this would be unlikely, because I cannot be alone in considering his regular waspish observations positive endorsement of a production.’
    • ‘But its contents rapidly dispel any fears that this most entertainingly waspish of commentators succumbed to beatific mildness in his final years.’
    • ‘Are their early waspish criticisms insincere and their later affirmations the real deal, or are the affirmations the fakery and the waspishness the genuine thing?’
    • ‘That should have ended it, except that certain newspapers have grown irritable and waspish with Tony Blair.’
    • ‘I suppose despite her waspish attitude she knows something about fashion.’
    • ‘She brushed off my waspish words, and waved me away.’
    • ‘The manager does not take punishment well, and is waspish in his responses to journalists who question his tactics and second-season signings.’
    • ‘She knew it was waspish, and ill-spirited and petty, and mean.’
    • ‘Mercurial, often waspish and at times given to unwarrantable snobbery, she was free to indulge herself, yet at the same time she was imprisoned by the constraints of the life that gave her all she wanted.’
    • ‘Nehemiah, who goes with Christ-like love to a ruined Jerusalem, may have lived on in my mind, but my spirit was overtaken by a waspish bitterness that contradicted in my life what I had tried to argue in my book.’
    • ‘He is particularly good at the waspish one-line character summary.’
    • ‘There is no waspish remark to follow and I am sorry if this outbreak of sincerity causes any distress.’
    • ‘He inspected his young visitors with a quizzical, waspish look.’
    • ‘His prose was crisp and waspish, but balanced and well informed, and he was able to deliver an authoritative opinion on a wide range of musical events.’
    • ‘Bill and I have been talking about the question of agency, or rather, I have been asking waspish questions and he has been replying with answers that turn into questions of his own.’
    • ‘Private thoughts made public reveal a waspish view of the world which readers may find surprising.’
    • ‘The administration that sold itself on simple homespun values and manly virtues has been caught in an act of waspish backstabbing to cover its dishonesty.’
    • ‘Her waspish tongue has already landed her in trouble.’
    • ‘Like all diaries, it reflects the mood of the diarist and hence is scrappy, which in turns becomes waspish, gentle, melancholy, flirtatious and always directed by the seasons, scents, gardens and clothes.’
    • ‘His humour was waspish and admired even by those who were often the target.’
    irritable, touchy, testy, irascible, cross, snappish, cantankerous, splenetic, short-tempered, ill-tempered, bad-tempered, foul-tempered, moody, crabbed, crotchety, grumpy, huffy, ratty, petulant, peevish, querulous, angry, sharp
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